express [ek spres′, ikspres′]
[ME expressen < ML expressare < L expressus, pp. of exprimere, to express, lit., force out < ex-, out + premere: see PRESS1]
1. to press out or squeeze out (juice, etc.)
2. to get by pressure; elicit by force; extort
3. to put into words; represent by language; state
a) to make known; reveal; show [his face expressed sorrow]
b) to show (a genetic trait)
5. to picture, represent, or symbolize in music, art, etc.
6. to show by sign; symbolize; signify [the sign + expresses addition ]
7. to send by express
[ME & OFr expres < L expressus]
a) expressed and not implied; explicit [to give express orders]
b) specific [his express reason for going]
2. exact [she is the express image of her aunt]
3. made for or suited to a special purpose [express regulations]
4. [orig., for the express purpose of running to one station] fast, direct, and making few stops [an express train]
5. characterized by speed or velocity; specif.,
a) for fast driving [an express highway]
b) high-speed [an express bullet]
c) for high-speed projectiles [an express rifle]
d) having to do with railway express, pony express, etc.
by express
1. Chiefly Brit.
a) a special messenger; courier
b) a message delivered by such a messenger; dispatch sent swiftly
a) an express train, bus, elevator, etc.
b) an express rifle
3. the pony express
a) a method or service for transporting goods or sending money or mail rapidly, but at extra cost
b) the goods transported or money sent by express
c) a business concern operating such a service
5. any method or means of swift transmission
express oneself
1. to state one's thoughts
2. to give expression to one's feelings, imagination, etc., in creative or artistic activity

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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